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    The first Afro-futurist novel

    It is a fantasy type novel set in a fictional world on a continent inspired by Africa, Tamana.

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Who is the author?

We are Elimu

We are a company based in Kigali, Rwanda. Registered since 2020 with the Chamber of Commerce for the following activities:
– edition and publication of books
– cultural education
– entertainment, arts and cultural creation

It is the fruit of several years of personal and/or collective reflections, of university, professional and associative paths in particular in connection with sociology, education and social work, but also with the memory of the genocide of the Tutsi of Rwanda, the Pan-Africanism and the history of Rwanda, Africa and its diaspora in general.

We offer a new way of learning, understanding and seeing the world from our cultures.
It is therefore in a social process, of unity, of self-determination, of perpetuation of an emancipated and emancipating memory that elimu.rw was born.

Manzi Rugirangoga

Author at Elimu


What is inside this book?

About this book

“The Legend of Havilah” is the first Afro-futurist novel written by a Rwandan author. It is a fantasy type novel set in a fictional world on a continent inspired by Africa, Tamana.

Humanity, having drawn the conclusions of modernity, has returned to a traditional mode of production and consumption, while having developed spiritual technology. It is a politico-mystical epic inspired by the history of Rwanda and the folklore of Africa and the Caribbean.

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5,000 Rwf
It’s a soft copy in PDF or any other format of your needs.

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